Khokolat Bar
Address: 43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9642 1142

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Stolen Spiced Rum

The new products just keep arriving on the KBar back bar! Stolen Spiced Rum infuses Caribbean rum with roasted coffee bean and tobacco flavours. Keep an eye out for our new cocktail list featuring “Smoke and Coke”, coming soon!


New Cocktail List

We have a new cocktail list launching very soon. Keep an eye out for our take on the ever popular espresso martini – ours is called the George Clooney and is made with a delicious blend of freshly brewed Nespresso vanilla coffee and Havana Club rum.


Coors Beer

We are pleased to be one of the first venues in Melbourne to permanently stock Coors beer. Coors is brewed in the Rocky Mountains and is on a mission to refresh the world with its cold, crisp, smooth and refreshing taste. Available at the bar for $9, the Rocky Mountains label actually changes to a blue colour when the beer has reached optimal temperature!